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Providing one-stop case management since 1964, including referrals to assistance and pre-application determination for:

  • Housing
  • SNAP (Food Stamps)
  • Family crisis
  • Child and senior support services
  • Unemployment services
  • Pre-application for all Connecticut Department of Social Services programs
  • Other assistance

There are no eligibility requirements to meet with a case manager. However, specific programs (to which you may be referred) may have eligibility requirements. Case managers’ services are offered free of charge.

Call one of the locations below for an appointment, or walk in for emergencies.

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New: Elder Abuse Assistance

Elder abuse goes largely undetected because the victims are often afraid to report their abuse. But the growing numbers of assault, neglect, financial exploitation and economic fraud tell us that elder abuse is on the rise.

HRA’s Victim Advocates, Elderly, Financial and Community Case Management professionals have teamed up to help older victims navigate legal and financial systems and provide case management referrals so they can maintain their independence and self-sufficiency.

Contact our Elderly Services Program Manager:
Nancy Shannon
Phone: (860) 826.2282

Success Story

“Lena” (fictitious name) just lost her job and came to HRA for help with Department of Social Services (DSS) SNAP and medical benefits applications for herself and her child. Without her job she was in arrears on her rent and needed food. Lena made it clear she just wanted a temporary helping hand until she got another job.

This single mother decided to leave Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria because she wanted a more stable and better life for her family. But she didn’t leave the island until she had a job in New Britain. Unfortunately, this was the job she just lost but she was determined to find another good one quickly.

HRA’s Case Manager helped her complete both applications and offered Lena assistance in paying her overdue rent to avoid eviction and homelessness. Lena was relieved she wouldn’t have to live in a motel; car; shelter or on the streets and gratefully accepted the help from the DSS Hurricane Maria Victim funds. The landlord agreed to a mediation and to stop her eviction because of this funding. Our Case Manager also referred her to “For Goodness Sake” to get help furnishing her apartment.

Lena got a new job and stabilized her life with HRA’s assistance and DSS Hurricane Maria Victim funds. Her rent is in good standing, she will receive energy assistance and SNAP benefits. She also scheduled an appointment with HRA’s Assets Management Coordinator to learn how to better manage her money.

For more information about community case managers, visit the CT Department of Social Services.

Program funded by the Connecticut State Department of Social Services (CT DSS).